40 Cool and Best Handwriting Fonts for Designers (Free and Premium)

Written By admin on July 04, 2013

Back in the old days, the visuals of a computer interface or print design did not mean much and does not have much demand for Handwriting fonts. But today, the visuals and the user interface are perhaps the most important part of any computer related application and print design. And a very important part of the visuals is the font being used in the design. While you can go with fancy fonts to make your design more stand out, nothing will make a user feel more at home than a best Handwriting font. Fonts that fall in this category emulate handwritten texts and succeed to a great degree.

There are different type of Handwriting Fonts like cursive fonts, kid’s Handwriting fonts, modern fonts, script fonts, wedding invitation fonts and many more. People who are looking for best of the free and premium fonts will be pleased to find out the list today of 40 amazingly cool Handwriting fonts . Find them all below.

Sketch Block – Best Handwriting Font

Best Handwriting Font

Sketch Block is a best Hand Writing Font to give a beautiful look for your designs and it is free for personal use

Download: Sketch Block
Price: Free for Personal use

Jennifer’s Handwriting Font

Handwriting Font

Jennifers font is a kids Handwriting style font and can be used freely for personal designs

Download: Jennifer’s Handwriting
Price: Free for Personal Use

Curly Joe – Free Hand Writing Font

Free hand Writing Font

Curly Joe is a Free Hand Writing Font which can be used in personal and commercial graphic designs, designed by Joebob Graphics

Download: Curly Joe
Price: Free

Melany Lane Cursive Handwriting Font

Cursive handwriting font

If you are searching for a best Cursive Hand Writing Font, then Melany Lane is perfectly suited for you. It features in Regular and Bold versions and also comes with background patterns, eclectic ornaments, glyphs, ligatures, contextual alternates, swash, stylistic sets and many more

Download: Melany Lane
Price: $39

Belinda Script Handwriting Font

script handwriting font

Belinda is a beautiful script Handwriting Font, which is best to use for wedding invitation designs and Love related graphic designs

Download: Belinda
Price: $30

GoodDog Kids Handwriting Font

Kids handwriting font

GoodDog is a cool calligraphy Handwriting font, which is free for personal and commercial graphic designs. This font is very useful for the people who are looking for comic design fonts or kids Handwriting fonts

Download: GoodDog
Price: Free

J.D Handcrafted – Cool Hand Writing Font

cool handwriting font

J.D. HandCrafted is a cool & Free Hand Writing Font by Emerald City FontWerks

Download: J.D Handcrafted
Price: Free

Amatic – Free Handwriting Font

Free Handwriting Font

Amatic is a Calligraphic, Comic, sans serif family, Typewriter and Free Handwriting Font

Download: Amatic
Price: Free

Nakata – The Best Handwriting Font

best handwriting font

In all these 40 fonts, Nataka is the best Hand Writing Font. Nataka is Graphic designs look more like natural hand writing than a font. Nataka is a premium font.

Download: Nakata
Price: $15

Au Revoir – Cool Handwriting Font

cool handwriting font

Au Revoir is a slightly cursive, Simple and elegant hand writing Font, which is best for poem writing, dairy, letter or notebook writing designs

Download: Au Revoir
Price: $35

Journal Handwriting Font

handwriting fonts

The journal is another beautiful and Free font

Download: Journal Font
Price: Free

Mari & David

Free Hand writing Font

Mari and David is a cool and Free font by Ras Designs

Download: Mari & David
Price: Free

Mawn’s Modern Handwriting Font

Modern Handwriting Font

Mawn’s is a cool Handwriting font, which is free for personal use

Download: Mawn’s Handwriting
Price: Free for Personal use

Scribulous Scrawlin – Handwriting Font

Handwriting font

Scribulous Scrawlin is a chalkboard style Handwriting font

Download: Scribulous Scrawlin
Price: Free


natural hand writing font

Linny is a Free Handwriting Font which looks like natural Handwriting and it is designed by Linny

Download: Linny
Price: Free

Soft Sugar

paint type handwriting font

Soft Sugar is a paint type Handwriting font, which is free for both personal and commercial use

Download: SoftSugar
Price: Free

Throw My Hands Up In The Air

Free handwriting font

Throw My hands up in the air is one more elegant Handwriting font, which is free for personal use and have to donate for commercial use.

Download: Throw My Hands up in the Air
Price: Free


casual handwriting font

Trash Hand is a Casual hand Writing Font, which is free to use

Download: TrashHand
Price: Free

Christopher Hand – Best Handwriting Font

best handwriting fonts

Christopher hand is one of  the Best handwriting Fonts, which can be used freely for personal use but for commercial use you need to send a small gift of your choice to the font designer

Download: Christopher Hand
Price: Free


hand writing fonts

Rabiohead is a cool and Free Font

Download: Rabiohead
Price: Free

Where Stars Shine the Brightest

Natural hand writing font

Where Stars Shine the Brightest is a natural Handwriting font, which is free for personal and non-profit use and $5 for Commercial use.

Download: Where Stars Shine the Brightest
Price: Free for Personal Use and $5 for Commercial use.

Lu Px

Architects hand writing font

Lu PX is a premium hand writing font based on Architect’s hand Writing

Download: Lu Px
Price: $15

Bombshell Pro – Calligraphy Handwriting Font

calligraphy handwriting font Pro

Bombshell pro is the premium Calligraphy Handwriting Font, which includes connection between letters

Download: Bombshell Pro
Price: $54


hand drwan sketch font

Sketchetik is a beautiful hand drawn font, comes in four styles: light, regular, bold and black.

Download: Sketchetik
Price: $39


Vintage font

Luella is an Elegant, Vintage Hand Drawn Font. It is a premium font, comes with frames and ornament sets.

Download: Luella
Price: $146

Signalist – Script Handwriting Font

paint brush script font

Signalist is a stylish paint brush script font. It is also a Premium Hand Drawn Font

Download: Signalist
Price: $35

Permanent Market

Free hand writing fonts

Permanent Market is a cool and Free Font

Download: Permanent Marker
Price: Free

Mixtape Mike

handwriting fonts

Mixtape Mike is a premium hand writing Font

Download: Mixtape Mike
Price: Free Trial Version

Worstveld Sling

Wedding Invitation Font

Worstveld Sling is a free commercial font, best suits for Wedding designs

Download: Worstveld Sling
Price: Free

Rock Salt

free handwriting fonts

Rock Salt is rough and free Handwriting font

Download: Rock Salt
Price: Free

Note This

best handwriting fonts

NOTE-THIS is a simple and free font

Download: Note This
Price: Free

Rodi De Asis

best handwriting font

Rodi De Asis is a one of the best Handwriting font, which is also free

Download: Rodi De Asis
Price: Free

Architect’s Daughter

architects font

Architect’s Daughter is a hand drawn free architect Font

Download: Architect’s Daughter
Price: Free

The Great Escape

Free hand writing font

The Great Escape is Free for personal use and have to donate for commercial use

Download: The Great Escape
Price: Free

Paul Maul

casual handwriting font

Paul maul is a casual Handwriting free font

Download: Paul Maul
Price: Free

Halo Handletter – Cursive Handwriting Font

Cursive handwriting fonts

Halo Handletter is a beautiful cursive Handwriting font, free for non-commercial use and Donationware for commercial use.

Download: Halo Handletter
Price: Free

Lauren C. Brown

kids style font

Lauren C. Brown is a kids style font, free for personal use

Download: Lauren C. Brown
Price: Free for Personal use

Aenigma Scrawl

handwriting fonts

Aenigma Scrawl is a free Handwriting Font

Download: Aenigma Scrawl
Price: Free

Gunny Free Handwriting Font

free Handwriting font

Gunny is a Free Handwriting font by Vit Condak.

Download: Gunny Handwriting
Price: Free


vinchand font

Vinchand is a one more free and Stylish Handwriting font

Download: Vinchand
Price: Free

While we tried our utmost, to fetch only the best of the premium and free Handwriting fonts , do use the comments to let us know of your own favourites that were not included in the list.

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  1. Holly Valero

    I don’t think any exploration of handwriting fonts is complete without Fonts for Peas


    Pea Keylor on page 7 is my personal favorite of this massive collection

    • admin

      Hi Valero, thanks for letting us know about Peas Font.
      yes Peas is looking cool and almost like a natural handwriting font.

  2. John

    I like the fonts in this list. I recently found this site fontcab.com, it’s specifically made for downloading commercial fonts for free. Just wanted to share it with you.

  3. badal

    Nice list! Thank you so much, wanted a list of handwriting fonts for a collage and your post helped!

  4. Tejaswini

    Well the Curly Joe font has got sharp finishing edges that stands out and Belinda script is another amazing font.

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