10 Best Free Online Website Builders in 2013

Written By admin on July 03, 2013

Building a website is not a small task. In order to know your HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and more there is a lot more you must learn in the modern era of web development. If you want to keep things simple, however, you could go with a free online website builders.

In 2013, many such free website builders have emerged and you can pick any one of the many available. If you do not know where to start, you can begin by browsing our list of the 10 best free online website builders in 2013.

You will find the list below. Do note that this list is not ranked on the basis of popularity.

Wix Best Free Online Website Builder

Free Online Website Builders

Wix is a very handy online utility that allows users to create professional websites in few minutes. Creating websites using Wix allow users to customize the website according to their preferences. Best of all, you do not need any coding knowledge to create the website. The tool has a gigantic library of flash and HTML5 templates that can be used. It is 100% free and if you want to give it a more professional look, you can also subscribe for premium plans that start from $16.17 per month.

Check out Wix

Tumblr – Free Website builder for Micro Blogging

Free Online Website Builder

Tumblr is a name that needs no introduction whatsoever. You can create your blog and share anything you want from a simple and easy to use dashboard, whether they are images, text, videos and much more. Tumblr is not just a online website/blog builder but it is more like your personal diary hosted on the cloud that allows you to share anything.

Check out Tumblr

Webs – Free Website Builder for Professional Looking Websites

Online Website Builder

Webs is yet another handy free website builder that offers users with a wide range of tools and options to create a professional website, free of cost. Webs has a big library of templates to help you give your business a professional look. The free plan offers users with 0.5 GB bandwidth and 40 GB storage. The service also offers a wide range of premium plans starting from $3.75 per month that offers users with an array of features.

Check out Webs

IMCreator – Simple Free Website Builder

online website builders

The tool offers users with fast HTML based tools to create a professional website in seconds. The service offers drag-and-drop functionality to help you customize your site along with a huge gallery of custom templates to choose from. The best thing about it is that you don’t need any coding knowledge to design a website. Moreover, the service offers affordable pricing plans to help you get your own hosting domain and email services.

Check out IMCreator


Free Website builder

Weebly offers users with an array of features that allows users to create elegant websites. The application has a huge library of themes to choose from and you can easily customize your site without any coding knowledge. The service has dedicated iPhone and Android apps to help you manage your websites on the go.

Check out Weebly


free online website builders

Just like other tools, MoonFruit is a free utility that helps users create websites online using an array of tools without the need of any programming knowledge. After signing up for an account, just select the theme from MoonFruit library and you are good to go. The service also offers premium plans with extra features starting from $12 per month.

Check out MoonFruit


Free online Website Creater

An easy to use free online website builder that helps users customize their site using drag and drop features using customized themes. Yola also offers users with analytics reports as well that helps the users to check out the number of people visiting their site. Premium plans start from $4.95 per month.

Check out Yola

Google Sites – Free & Easy Online Website Builder

best online website builders

Google Sites is yet another easy way to create free websites online, based on your own needs and preferences. It has dozens of pre-built templates that users can use for their websites and it is all free of cost.

Check out Google Sites

Jigsy – Drag & Drop Best online Website Builder

online website builder free

With Jigsy, you can easily drag and drop multiple HTML elements and create a professional looking website. The service offers users with a wide range of responsive templates to choose from that looks good on every device. Another handy service offered by Jigsy is free stock photos. Now, you don’t have to search the internet every time you want to publish a post or an article, simply browse Jigsy gallery and select the stock image, no need to pay for anything at all.

Check out Jigsy

WebNode – Create Websites In Few Simple Steps

best online Website builders

WebNode is another handy service that’s helps users create their own websites in few simple steps. Users can use their own domains and select from a wide range of pre-built website template tailored for different types of websites. Users can even manage their websites using their smartphones as well.

Check out Webnode

There you go folks. Make sure you check out all entries in the list and share your favourite ones with other readers. If you think we missed any Best Free Online Website Builders , feel free to share your thoughts using the comments below.

17 Responses to “10 Best Free Online Website Builders in 2013”
  1. Yam Regev

    Awesome list.
    What about Squarespace?

    I wish that next time you’ll include Webydo :)
    Keep up creating such great content. It’s always a pleasure reading your articles & reviews.

    Yam Regev

    • admin

      @yam Regev, thanks for adding your valuable comment, just checked your website, yes it looks good

    • Deep

      Squarespace is not free. Only the trial is free, this article is about free builders.

    • WebBuildersGuide

      Squarespace is a good web builder but it has never been free.

  2. Ben

    Great post! i must say my favourite builder is IMcreator. after building a couple of sites with it,
    i can truly say it’s a wonderful way to build a good and elegant looking website with no time.
    highly recommended!

    • admin

      Hi Ben, thanks for giving you valuable suggestion. Yes, IMCreator is easy and best website builder. Try to explore other ones too, there are some top online website builders in the above list

  3. Steve Charles

    Hi Guys, good list! I want to also suggest another tool for review as i recently tested it and were impressed. That’s Puzl.com- free, easy to use and SEO optimized! Give it a try.

  4. Karen

    Great list, I haven’t heard of several of these before, I’m going to check them out.

  5. Jane

    This list of free website builders is great! Thank you.
    Recently, I found one more builder that is very good.
    It is Zyro Builder (http://zyro.com/). It’s brand new, absolutely free and very user-friendly.

  6. Paul

    Great list, thanks! I would add one more – Berta.me.
    Here goes my story:
    I just created my website by using an open sourced platform called Berta CMS, i.e. http://berta.me
    It’s relatively new and offers great possibilities for everybody. Starting with people from creative industries till small businesses. It also offers to integrate shopping cart and allows your customers to pay via PayPal.
    I did mine with a template called “Messy”, with whom you can make basically everything you want. And once you get it, it’s really simple. Here are some samples created by Berta.me: http://www.berta.me/happy-websites/#.Ue-HqxaBK8o
    I really recommend it!

  7. Kuldeep

    That’s a great list. I would like to add one more in this list(webon.com). It’s also a nice website builder. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Web Design

    This list of free website builders is great! Thank you for sharing this.. Its very helpful for all including me..

    Web Design Company Nigeria
    Vibe Web Team

  9. Rachel Lynn H.

    Nice! I use Weebly and it works great, has great rules that aren’t too lengthy and long. I love free personal website builders that have blogs, you can post pictures as well as other stuff like Weebly does.

  10. Hustle Muzamil

    GREAT But What Is the Better between them?

  11. Gaurav

    This List of free website builder is great
    I found one more free website builder website.

    It is webstarttoday.com and this website templates and features very good.

    Make a free responsive website with webstarttoday.com.

  12. Mary Carmichael

    I found that Handzon Online Website Builder, http://www.handzon.com, was much easier to use than any others I tried. It does not use blocks, lets you arrange text and images anyway you want them. It also has a great online tutorial with detailed written and video instructions. As a non-programmer, I was able to completely create the website myself, just using their builder online instructions. They have a great cart for product selling that is interfaced with PayPal Pro, so I got credit card and PayPal payments with the website. It works great! They give a 15 day free trial, so it is easy to check it out for yourself.

  13. Kelton Miller

    Boombox (http://www.boomboxhq.com) is a new sitebuilder/CMS that allows you build mobile-compatible sites using a drag & drop editor. Free plans include 100M storage, and will work with a custom domain name. Paid plans with more storage are available.

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